Are you being S.M.A.R.T at the gym?


We’ve all seen a fashion forward outfit on someone and thought, “That looks so smart.” Or walked into a smartly appointed room and thought, nice!

Are you being smart at the gym?


Let’s take a look.

Specific What are your goals? Over the years I’ve heard them run the gamut. From, “I’m getting married and I have to get into my dress” to “The doctor told me I have to lose the weight,” and everything in between. What ever your motivations may be, you get a high-five and props from me for making fitness a part of your lifestyle. Word.

“I wanna get fit” is too vague. Have a clear idea and be focused about it. “Improve Strength and Flexibility” and it starts getting clearer.

Measurable  Let’s do the numbers. “Increase my Squat by…” “Lose 20lbs…” This involves keeping food logs and workout journals. Sites like MyFitnessPal make it extremely easy nowadays too document from day to day as they do the measuring. All you do is enter it. Smart phones are great for things other than social media.

Attainable Our favorite celebrity just prepared for a movie and hot damn look at them. We’re scrolling through feeds and oh my, look at some of the #fitfam with the 425k followers. It all gets us motivated to want to curl and squat all the day as well. We should always set the bar high. Understanding what our capabilities, schedules, and lifestyles all are is equally important.

Be realistic. 

Yes, your abs can pop. We all have abdominal muscles. Do you naturally have an 8 pack like some genetically gifted instagramers? Prob not. Focus on you.

Relevant “Appropriate to the current time, period, or circumstance” I use the textbook definition here so that there is no misunderstanding. This is about you, not what somebody else wants or thinks you should look like.


Timely Setting aside time, and I believe equally as important, a time frame, is key. We construct business plans with time frames and office projects with deadlines. Fitness goals are no different. “30 days from now….” “60 days from now…..” 90 days from now…..” You get the picture.


Be S.M.A.R.T


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