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Smart Power in politics is a term used in reference to the combination of using both military strength and diplomacy. There is also S.M.A.R.T. Business. An acronym that stands for:






But this isn’t a political piece, nor business acumen. It’s about exercise, physical fitness, and reaping the rewards of hard work.That being said, the same acronym above is used in Fitness Training. The key to success in anything is a well thought out plan. Charlie Batch, a NFL quarterback once said, “Proper preparation prevents poor performance”.

Document it

I still carry a Top Flight, college rule notebook and pen into the gym for every workout. In today’s day and age a bit archaic I’m sure, however I do not use an app to document my workout, and suffice it to say, don’t believe that to be the case with the majority of people on the gym floor with their phones either. But’s that not for me to criticise nor judge.

I use my device at the gym for it’s stopwatch. I’ve always been a very detail – oriented person but suffer from serious ADD So I log what muscle group I’m working, the exercises, the amount of reps/sets, the order in which I do them etc.

Bench Press Bench Mark

I use this information to not only plan my next workout, but to chart my progress….in four (4) and six (6) week intervals.  And then I adjust accordingly as I go.

Modus operandi

To me, training smarter also includes paying close attention to form and technique. And not just for the obvious. Safety first, and learning to check your ego at the door, is crucial. Theodore Roosevelt once said:

“Walk softly and carry a big stick”.

This isn’t a rant either, but I feel it important to point out I do not feel the need to swing, yank, jerk, or slam heavy weight around to let out my inner beast. So often I see really, really bad form. Training smarter also means understanding fundamentals like proper form and how stimulating muscle fibers helps them grow. Targeting the muscle with pinpoint precision isn’t easy, but much like riding a bicycle – once you master it, it’s there.

Time sensitive


The greek philosoher Aristotle said, “Patience is bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” We all want progress, gains, the pay off and the gold watch. In an age of instant everything it is important to remind ourselves (and not let it discourage us) that results take time. Set a date. “By tbe end of January I will have increased my squat by x.” “By my birthday I will have lost 15 pounds.” It is amazing how the closer the big day comes, the more determined we get at working towards it. Sometimes those little tricks work better than any preworkout ever could.

It can be done. Be smart. Be patient.







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