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“Every flower must grow through dirt”


One of my all time favorites, this quote is a profound statement about growth and flourishing into something great, despite obstacles. Often times the “dirt” in life can mire us down, seemingly forever clogging our minds and blocking our path.

Free your mind


When it comes to feeling good, few things can beat the feeling after a really good workout session. Once those endorphins kick in – not even retail therapy stands a chance

Not long ago, I had a manager at a job I did not particularly like, look at my gym bag one day and say, “people who workout are smarter.” While I definetly do not consider myself remotely in the league of Einstein, I do not disagree with my former managers statement either. For one thing, people who regularly exercise are happier.

“Make fitness fun” 

As with anything in life, it is all what you make it. Easier said than done I realize, believe you me – I know. We cannot change that frustrating co-worker or “boss from hell”, but we can change our outlooks and how we deal and what we make of the situation. After all, nothing is permenant.

From seasoned fitness gurus to weekend warriors the goal is growth any which way we can, right? We have our eye on the prize and nothing is going to stop us.

Increase Exercise Reduce Stress

“I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at the dirt” 

A classic line from a campy movie, the point here I think, is well made. And while the main character of the film most definetly had her issues, she did try channeling them at one point into cleaning house. Exercise is a bonafide, almost garaunteed  way to channel through all that…muck. Dirt. Whatever it may be.


I don’t do windows. I do pushups.






“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” – Albert Einstein


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