Is Social Media Ruining the Fitness Industry?

Is this a rant? Kind of. We’ve all seen those insanely shredded, jacked up and perpetually pumped fitness folk with quotes like,“Your only competition is yourself” or “Harness the Power  – Conquer,”  touting a bottle of BCAA’s. Then there are the overly made up, contoured, false eyelashes and all, glamour shots with Read more…

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Training Tips

Are you being S.M.A.R.T at the gym?

We’ve all seen a fashion forward outfit on someone and thought, “That looks so smart.” Or walked into a smartly appointed room and thought, nice! Are you being smart at the gym? Let’s take a look. Specific What are your goals? Over the years I’ve heard them run the gamut. From, “I’m getting married and Read more…

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