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Progressive Overload

Raising the Bar ( How Much?) At some point, after getting started lifting, everyone wonders when to up the ante. After all, we aren’t going through the motions for the sake of it – we want results. For those looking to build solid,…

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We’ve all done it. Scoured fitness websites, magazines, and the like for the perfect routine that will give us “Monster traps in 6 weeks!”  There is useful information in those articles. Plus, many of those insanely ripped, shredded fitness models are really motivational. The symmetry, the…

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Rest Days

PROGRESS Truth be told If you do not workout more than 4 times per week this post probably isn’t for you. The goal for most avid gym dwellers, gym rats, serious lifters, and amateur physique competitor’s, (at least the majority that I know) is muscle…

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