3 Reasons Why Workout Journals Will Help You


“Proper Preperation Prevents Poor Performance” – Charlie Batch

We’re all in it to win it, right? Strength. Health. Prosperity. Goals. It’s no secret exercise and physical fitness will help get us there faster.


Here in the “Information Age,” we are deluged daily with news, updates, ads, pop-ups, and a barrage of stuff we definetly could have done without. (Why the fish gape selfie, I just don’t know) With practicly everything we’d ever want to know at our fingertips, knowledge is power. But sifting through it all can be exhausting. I know I am constantly learning what to keep and file away, and what to simply block out.

Our own data 

I do like my stats and statistics. When it comes to working out, I don’t like my data up in the clouds. I like it right in front of me. Workout logs are beneficial for several reasons. If I had to offer a thesis I’d narrow it down:

3 Reasons Why Workout Journals Will Help You


1. Take the guess work out. 

Going to the grocery store list in hand, I know exactly what I need and can breeze in and out with relatively no issues. The gym is no exception.

I like to know exactly what my workout will be each session. Allowing for busy, peak times (Yes, “How many more sets do you have?” is annoying) the order of the workout may vary, but at least I have a clear idea of what the mish is.

2. Benchmark yourself

Just like I do for every client, I detail my own progress. With the last week’s rep counts and the projected counts, you have a clear way to see what to beat. And it’s not the “Bruh” next to you. Focus on you.


Arnold Schwarzeneggar once said, “The last 3 or 4 reps is what makes the muscles grow.”  So keep track of them.

3. Staying focused

Let’s be honest, keeping our “eye on the prize” all the time ain’t always that easy. Perhaps for some highly skilled, lasered – focused overachievers it is. But for some of us amongst the general populace, we need all the help we can get.

I still use loose leaf, 1 subject notebooks kept in a worn out binder. I don’t know call me old school, but it works. I have plenty of room for “notes to self.”


Next time you go to workout take a pad a pen. If someone asks you what your doing, reply:

“Bench marking myself.”




Free your mind

Are you feeling like it isn’t enough to just light a candle and have a glass of Cabernet? Epsom salt bath just not doing the trick? Join the rest of the world.

“I do it as therapy. I do it as something to keep me alive. We all need a little discipline. Exercise is my discipline.” – Jack Lalanne


During exercise, the body emits and releases chemicals known as endorphins. Similar to morphine, they produce a feeling of euphoria, thus giving a “runners high.” I’m gonna go out on a limb here but I bet that’s part of the “therapy” Jack was speaking of. Let me think for a second, would I rather sit and stew about a lousy boss, which I have in the past, or go release some endorphins?

Option A

Option B

Exhaust your options

Recently I read an interesting article about reasons for how a little stress can be a good motivating tool. We have a deadline – the pressure is on – and we “get er’ done.” I’ll buy that. It’s all a part of life. That being said, external forces, along with some individuals out there who truly aren’t happy until they’ve made others unhappy, can cause you to feel like a soda can. A can you shake and shake and then when you go and open it……..

Well, you know the rest.

Or bodies can be very resilient when they want to be. We tend to go and go, and before you know the effects of stress have caught up with us. Fatigue, irritability and we’ve lost our shine. Our mojo. We need a reset.

For more on stress symptoms go here.

…..and the rest will follow


Like a well oiled machine our bodies need care and maintenance. Except we are not machines – we’re human beings. Let’s say for now you really do not have time during the week to go workout. (Just for now) Let’s talk about the time you do have.

Lunch Break Since you’ve jumped onto the meal prep bandwagon you brought your lunch, eliminating the need to spend half of this precious time standing in a line. Spend the other half going for a walk. Clear the air and walk around as if you just arrived in town.

Here’s a novel idea – wave to people.

Stretch You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home. While your java juice is percolating do some basic stretches. It works.


Drink more water Stress can lead to dehydration . Up to 60% of the human body is made up of water. No, upping your intake will not make you bloated. Yes, in sounds counterintuitive but drinking more water helps the body to eliminate it, helping flush out toxins. Cutting back forces the body to hold on to what it’s got.

“Selfish isn’t a dirty word. It means we take care of  ourselves and then we can give back” – Jillian Micheals

Back to the benefits of regular exercise. 2500 years ago it was Hippocrates who said:

“Walking is man’s best medicine” 

Inventing Fitness Pt I

In a modern world filled with modern conveniences it can seem easy to forget Hippocrates logic. Add on a few modern day stressors and a boss from hell – and it’s time for a hard reset. Think for moment about all of the social media #fitfam with all of their motivational content. Their not being selfish, rather, giving back what they’ve tapped into. Stop and think for a moment were all that is coming from? I can tell you first hand it isn’t coming from laying on a sofa eating chip and dip. Jack? Jillian? Plato?

How’s this for a lifehack, go for a walk.

And above all else, don’t let anyone steal your shine