The City Dweller

WORKOUT IDEAS Do you feel wiped out when you get home and just collapse on the sofa? Urban living certainly has its challenges doesn’t it? Hiking around the cityscape day to day requires endurance and stamina. Wether it’s that mad dash for the bus or the hike up the stairs Read more…

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Flexibility If you’ve ever noticed, the fitness world is an ever changing world, and seemingly monthly there is a new break through. Some things though, remain as rock solid as the iron your pressing and curling. Stretching First, think of your muscles like a rubber band. Now tie a knot in Read more…

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More Gym History

Greece Ancient Greece and it’s citizens is a fascinating society. Noteworthy, their appreciation of the human form was, and continues to be thought of by many – myself included – unparrelled. Part I of my eBook series – Inventing Fitness,  – goes back 2500 years to the origins of physical Read more…

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