PORTION SIZES & making 2015 your year pt 1



Pinch of this, little bit of that

It was said to me once that a good cook learns by experimenting. I believe my father said that to me. An excellent cook himself, he taught me how to make the perfect omelet. (Using water not milk)

The Food & Beverage industry taught me a wealth of knowledge however my primary idea factory continues to be the home kitchen.


For those really in the know, I love to cook. I get a great deal of fulfillment creating a meal that is fresh and that also has my own special take. Over the years I’ve collected many, many recipes that I keep in the vault. The internet gives us access to any recipe we could ever possibly imagine, however I still collect the occasional book and write down the special ones on index cards. They function as my go-to source when I need a “works every time”.

At some point everything in our country got super-sized. From  a cup of coffee to the size of a bagel, everything is larger. A certain fast-food chain stopped using the term in their menu and I applaud that. Other restaurant portion sizes are down right obscene.


Food prepared at home is fresher, has less additives and preservatives, and is generally better for you. But unless it’s Thanksgiving dinner there is no reason to constantly over do it. As the rate of obesity in the U.S. continues to climb more and more people are looking for the newest ways to shed pounds.


  • Plan – take a minute (or more) to think about your week and when you will be eating. Take into consideration break times, travel times, down times, etc.. Plan meals and snacks with these in mind.
  • Meal prep – No longer for the bodybuilder or physique competitors, more and more people are preparing multiple meals in advance.



This saves a great deal of time (and $$$), and takes all the guess work out on those days when you “just don’t know what to eat”.


  •  The “Make a fist” rule – To this day it is still an acceptable reference point for a portion. The size of my fist and your fist vary. I’ve found as I continue to research, all kinds of rules are applied, the size of a deck of cards, the size of a tennis ball, the size of this, the size of that. Keep it simple.

Your fist.

Next, what’s for lunch?