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“There are three types of baseball players: Those who  make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happens.”  – Tommy Lasorda 

Play Ball

Baseball is a national pastime. If there is anyone out there who hasn’t spent a balmy summer evening up in the stands, with a hot dog covered in ketchup, pickle relish, and onions (that’s how I roll) and a cold beer rooting for their hometown team – well, you are missing out and I highly recommend trying it. But seriously, whose rock have you been under?


Fitness Inspiration

So why is the quote above one of my favorites of all time? Here we are 10 weeks into the new year and already for some, those new year fitness resolutions have taken to the bench. (Pun intended)

For one reason or another they’ve already gotten pushed to the back burner and forgotton. How soon we forget.


To take Mr. Lasorda’s perspective, “those who make it happen.” In this case, working out even when you don’t feel like it. Telling the gang at happy hour your sitting this one out so you can meet with that kick-ass trainer you met. Or simply forcing yourself up off the sofa to go for that walk. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You get the picture?

And then there’s those who watch.

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Bottom of the 9th

I’ve always admired baseball players. They’ve always seemed fast, flexible, calm & calculating – then the mad dash sliding into home plate. Booyah. Baseball is one of those sports that requires sports specific capabilities. Capabilities such as sprinting and hand-eye coordination. As well, baseball players need to posses excellent physical stamina and agility.

This summer I hope you get the chance to watch a few games. Live and in person. In the meantime, don’t sit around with the shoulda, coulda, woulda club. Get up, get active, get moving.

You don’t need to train for the first-year player draft. Just a stronger, healthier version of yourself.



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“In baseball, there’s always the next day”Ryne Sandberg

Is Social Media Ruining the Fitness Industry?


Is this a rant? Kind of.

We’ve all seen those insanely shredded, jacked up and perpetually pumped fitness folk with quotes like,“Your only competition is yourself” or “Harness the Power  – Conquer,”  and touting a bottle of BCAA’s. Then, there are the overly made up, contoured, false eyelashes and all, glamour shots with the side pose-glutes-out-ridiculousness.

Apparently everyone these days is a physique model with a sponsorship. – spoiler alert – or perhaps just a Canon EOS 7D Mark II. And one more thing, (scratching head) how have some managed to accumulate 250 + followers?

What’s even more astounding are the sky-high prices – no joke – being offered for Online Training.(But still have gmail accounts?)

Things that make you go hmm.

Let’s just dispel one thing – no, they are not all organic followers. So, into spam they go.

To scroll or not to scroll

That is the question. It’s called feed scrolling syndrome and it’s legit. That being said, social media has provided us with a way to constantly occupy ourselves, aimlessly going through picture after picture. As I see it, this really is no genius creation. Back in the day we called them photo albums.

The big difference here is that after taking the pictures and anxiously awaiting for them to be developed, we compiled them in an album for display.

According to goodtherapy.org “Young people turn to Instagram, Facebook, and texts to communicate and find a sense of belonging, which can lead to unrealistic expectations of happiness, a decrease in empathy, false presentations of self, and possibly isolation.” 

There is a huge difference between doing something to get attention and getting attention doing something. Fuggedabout the apps with filters and the ability to cleverly adjust shadows, contrasts, structure, and brightness.

So, sans the perfect overhead lighting, angle and filter, let’s get to the real meat and potatoes shall we?

Instant Fitness

Working out isn’t a glamorous activity. Nor should it be, really. You work up a sweat, or at least you are supposed to. I don’t know for sure but mascara in the eye doesn’t seem like it would be pleasurable. And do we really need to see another transformation pic? I don’t mean to get things twisted on this, I applaud the hard-work.

When I think back to my early twenties and leaner than a walking boneless chicken breast, I had one thing on my mind and that was to build muscle. I poured over magazines, books, and asked everyone I could for advice and those magic tips that would help me get the results I was after. Now we call them “Gains.”


Every gym has a mayor. You know, those peacocks who strut around lats’ flared, like they own the place. Except they don’t – they pay a monthly membership fee to be there just like you and me. They like to regal us all with their knowledge. I would ask anyone I could for pointers and ways to get elected mayor just like them. I listened, took the knowledge I thought was relevant, and moved on. I met people in the process too. It’s called social interaction. One day I walked in and people noticed changes. There was no need to say anything. Results speak for themselves.

Over time, I began to see results. But not without hard work, sweat, determination, and most of all patience. Once I left the gym exhausted, went into the parking lot and puked. I had worked my ass off that day. On one hand I was miserable, and on the other proud. I pushed myself to the limit. This was long before social media, however, and I wouldn’t have felt the need to let people know any way. Particularly not with a clever one-liner. It was what it was.

The Takeaway 

With age comes wisdom. First, we should never compare ourselves to others. Ever. We are all individuals with our own genetic makeup. Second, is progress easy? Hell no. Nothing is. When you see the memes about the summit, don’t forget about the mountain. Nothing is instant and results take time. Instead of “transformations” we should be focusing on how to get there. Ways and techniques on how to achieve those results. I applaud the short videos on demonstrating technique. And some of them showing how creative a person can get with standard attachments are down right brilliant.

But honestly, what’s with the hair styling videos? I thought you where a “Fitness Model.”   

And just for the record to some of the youngsters: We older folk who have been around in more than our fair share of gyms, know the signs and symptoms of, shall we say, someone who isn’t natty. If in fact that word still means natural.

We know what to recognize. (Insert emoticon winking) So, please stop doing what I believe is a major disservice, and telling people its natural gain – when it isn’t. Just come clean with everyone.

Many will probably still follow you.

Hitting the gym on days the sofa calls out, following a nutrition plan designed specifically around your goals, and sticking to it, and continuous hard work, dedication, and sweat pays off. Really, it does. Not everyone aspires to be a physique competitor. We should all aspire to be stronger, healthier versions of ourselves though. 

And so, all rants eventually must come to an end.  Before you go scrolling through inspirational memes again, keep this word in mind: Realness.

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“Where you’re headed is more important than how fast you’re going”

3 Reasons Why Workout Journals Will Help You


“Proper Preperation Prevents Poor Performance” – Charlie Batch

We’re all in it to win it, right? Strength. Health. Prosperity. Goals. It’s no secret exercise and physical fitness will help get us there faster.


Here in the “Information Age,” we are deluged daily with news, updates, ads, pop-ups, and a barrage of stuff we definetly could have done without. (Why the fish gape selfie, I just don’t know) With practicly everything we’d ever want to know at our fingertips, knowledge is power. But sifting through it all can be exhausting. I know I am constantly learning what to keep and file away, and what to simply block out.

Our own data 

I do like my stats and statistics. When it comes to working out, I don’t like my data up in the clouds. I like it right in front of me. Workout logs are beneficial for several reasons. If I had to offer a thesis I’d narrow it down:

3 Reasons Why Workout Journals Will Help You


1. Take the guess work out. 

Going to the grocery store list in hand, I know exactly what I need and can breeze in and out with relatively no issues. The gym is no exception.

I like to know exactly what my workout will be each session. Allowing for busy, peak times (Yes, “How many more sets do you have?” is annoying) the order of the workout may vary, but at least I have a clear idea of what the mish is.

2. Benchmark yourself

Just like I do for every client, I detail my own progress. With the last week’s rep counts and the projected counts, you have a clear way to see what to beat. And it’s not the “Bruh” next to you. Focus on you.


Arnold Schwarzeneggar once said, “The last 3 or 4 reps is what makes the muscles grow.”  So keep track of them.

3. Staying focused

Let’s be honest, keeping our “eye on the prize” all the time ain’t always that easy. Perhaps for some highly skilled, lasered – focused overachievers it is. But for some of us amongst the general populace, we need all the help we can get.

I still use loose leaf, 1 subject notebooks kept in a worn out binder. I don’t know call me old school, but it works. I have plenty of room for “notes to self.”


Next time you go to workout take a pad a pen. If someone asks you what your doing, reply:

“Bench marking myself.”


Sunshine in a Glass

Growing up, my mom said that to me every morning right after handing me a glass of orange juice. It helped me get started in the morning. Every time.


It still does. A bit cheesy I know, but it does.


The body needs 13 of them, including vitamin A for helping with vision, to vitamin E which aids in fighting against aging. While actual sunshine provides vitamin D, those daily glasses from mom where bright, refreshing, and indeed, helped me wake up.


Found in fruits and vegetables, vitamin C is a potent antioxident needed to help fight off diseases, aid in growth, repair tissues, skin, reduce signs of aging, and detoxify.

You’ve dipped your apple wedges in lemon juice to keep them from turning brown, right? Think of vitamin C in the body the same way. Antioxidants have been shown to help neutralize free radicals. Free radicals being the toxic byproduct of oxygen metabolism causing damage to living cells.

Did You Know?

  • Brazil is the worlds largest producer of oranges
  • The seedless navel orange, or “winter” orange grows a second twin. This second fruit remains under-developed and looks like a human navel thus the name. 
  • During the reign of Queen Victoria oranges were given as christmas gifts

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

According to the American Dietetic Association’s Food & Nutrition Guide, ORAC or Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity is a scientific method created “to estimate the overall antioxident potential of fruits and vegetables. The higher the ORAC score, the greater the antioxidant potential.”


Blueberries and strawberries continue to be chart-topping hits. However, with things to do and places to go, we don’t always have time to sit an enjoy our antioxidants.

Drink them.


According to floridacitrus.org

An 8 ounce cup of fresh orange juice contains:

  • 82 mg of Vitamin C
  • 110 Calories
  • Is fat free
  • Is free of added sugars
  • 2 grams of protein

Next time you want to really wake up, before grabbing that whipped, caramel, deliciousness, listen to mom and grab a glass of orange juice.