3 Year Blogiversary



A blogiversary is a milestone. (At least for us bloggers) A time to reflect. Three years ago today I began here with a short post.

The message simple:

“The proven benefits of regular exercise are numerous. Besides helping prevent obesity, illness and chronic conditions, regular exercise helps keep us alert.”

For the entire post read The Concrete Jungle


“Abs are made in the kitchen”

We are what we eat

So don’t be cheap, easy, or fake. We know how much Diet & Nutrition play a part in our success outside of the gym. Any trainer worth their weight in iron will tell you it accounts for 80%. Keeping our eating habits on point can be a struggle. The struggle is be real.

But it doesn’t have to be all the time.

Later this month I’m publishing my newest eBook on the kitchen and all things meal prep. No longer strictly a bodybuilder or physique competitor practice, meal prepping has caught on and rightfully so. The benefits are clear:

  • By preparing our own food, we decide exactly what goes into it.
  • Controls portions sizes.
  • Saves money. Hoot!
  • Less time doing dishes Double hoot!

It’s  win win….win and win.

Save money and eat healthy home cooked meals? Sign me up.

“…..a collection of tips and pointers to help guide you through all the meal prep madness”

You’ve seen us on instagram, with all those pics of beautiful, delicious looking food. But who gives you the secrets? I will. By trading the mobile device for a few pots and pans for a few hours each week, meal prepping is one habit that done correctly, will not only keep your taste buds satisfied, but keep you on the fast track to success out of the gym.

Simply send me an email with the subject, “Yes, I’d like my eBook!” and I’ll send you your copy come launch time.


Email: jwilliamstrains@gmail.com