When I think back to my Gold’s Gym days, a time I most definitely was learning “the ropes,” as well, my way around a gym floor. I can clearly remember a few very serious lifters  (with some serious dedication) sitting on equipment between sets and eating from large containers full of egg salad and drinking out of gallon water jugs.


If they were “off season” or not I couldn’t tell you, I didn’t give it that much thought, however, I think it has something to do with why I still to this day, go through so many eggs. 


I was a gym neophyte, a newbie, the quintessential ectomorph striving for gains. The proverbial sponge, I listened to any and everyone, their advice, read everything I could, and ultimetely relied on what I would call good ol’ “trial and error.” Let’s call it Applied Bodybuilding.

One supplement I began using then, learned a great deal about, and continue to support:


No sugar, no artificial colors, no preservatives, no wheat, no gluten, no yeast, no dairy, flavorless, well then…what is it? Well, it’s the supplement that keeps on giving. Creatine has been studied, researched, and debated for sometime now, and has earned it’s place in the fitness industry.

An amino acid found naturally in the body, red meat, and seafood.

2 lbs of beef has about 5 g of creatine. A standard dose. I like a good steak but damn. Derived from the Greek word for meat, kreas, the body breaks it down and stores it in the muscles for energy. Exercise requires energy, and supplementing supplies the body with more. Creatine also aids in recovery – but we’ll get to that in a bit. (See H20 Info)

To state the obvious, everyone has their own modus operandi when it comes to training in the gym. Once we find what works it’s difficult to vary off script, however there are discoveries everyday and we take them in. Some methods remain tried-and-true and need little tweaking.

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Loading Phase

To truly capitalize on the benefits creatine needs to be used correctly. For maximum benefits a short “loading phase” to saturate the system is typically recommended. 20 g for 5 days is standard, after which the daily amount is reduced to 5 g thereafter. Anything more is just waste and the body works harder to eliminate it or translate to faster or better results. During the loading period, it is important to spread the 20 g throughout the day to help the body process it properly and effectively.


Creatine absorbs into the system and stored in the muscles. Studies show that it absorbs faster with an insulin spike. If grape juice doesn’t suit your palate water will work just fine. On workout days aim to consume it around your workouts. Personally, I consume my dose post-workout. After a workout glycogen stores are depleted and the muscles are hungry. If you have a supplement stack, add it to your post-workout protein shake.

Yes, taste is important but again, it has no flavor, so don’t trip.

H20 Info

I often hear, “It makes you hold on to water,” which is true, in the sense that it increases the water volume in the body. Not to soundy cheeky, but we need water, correct? In fact, over 70% of muscle tissue in the body is made up of water.

Subcutaneous Water

Subcutaneous water, the bane of any physique competitors existence, is the water retained directly underneath the skin. When understanding the “ripped look” think of the skin like Saran Wrap. When you eliminate the fat and water underneath the skin, it can then “shrink wrap” around the muscles, and voula producing those beach ready abs.


Improper usage can lead to a bloat, even cramping. Not to sound like a broken record, BUT, during a maintenance phase using more than the recommended amount won’t help obtain faster or better results. So resist the urge and be smart. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

The Takeaway

Creatine is a substance found naturally in the body and in food. Studies continue to show supplementing with Creatine improves energy, performance, and growth. Affordable, safe, and combined with a diet and nutrition plan that’s on point, it can definitely help increase size and strength.

For those looking for a game changer, this might just be the supp for you. Oh, and it will not break the bank.

Back In The Day

That Gold’s was an enormous cavern of a space. We were truly spoiled. The free weights stretched half the length of one side, and the leg area was the envy for miles around. Even during peak hours you rarely had to wait for a machine. And another thing – it was clean. Really clean.


Ripley would not believe it, but monthly membership was only $15. Anybody and everybody came and trained. I knew former bodybuilders, physique competitors, true gym rats, and everyone in between. Gyms are communities and there is something to be said for community. This was a cross-section of everyday folk just trying to get in shape.

Aside from the customary self-absorbed knuckleheads, most everyone was supportive and had some knowledge and experience to share. I like that old school environment. Watching those bodybuilders eating all that egg salad got me curious about eggs. I’v always liked eggs. Growing up my father taught me how to make the perfect omelette, using water not milk. Those guys inspired me to learn everything I could and then some.

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