My Review AMINOx


Sup man?

I’ll admit, over the years I’ve tried my fair share of supplements. My wallet can certainly vouch for it. In the beginning, you could have told me standing on my head while drinking protein powder would help it absorb better and I would have probably tried it. Yeah, no. Finding my stack of go-to’s has definitely taken some experimenting.

Besides a clean, on-point diet cultivated over many hours in the kitchen, we supplement to give the body an added boost of what it needs.

Branch Chain Amino Acids 




I do train as hard as possible. Whenever and however I can. And not just 1 rep max days. Let’s talk high rep/low weight days. Feel the burn, baby and I have found AminoX  to be an excellent supplement to aid in recovery. We know that BCAAs’ are the building blocks of protein. Protein builds muscle.

Get those gains.


  • 1 scoop in the mornings and 1 near the end of my workout. Truth-be-told I’ve drank it first thing after getting up, before coffee. It taste that good.


  • No caffeine – Thank you BSN
  • Less fatigue (Think Leg Day) – Do you train legs?
  • Affordable – My wallet demands it
  • Dissolves quickly – Nice job


  •  FRUIT PUNCH ranks numero uno and I believe the  easiest to drink.

Recovery is important. We tend to not think about it much and take it for granted. Sleep, nutrition, form & technique all  play a part in the puzzle called gains. After all, we put in the effort and sweat, because we are scraped shined, dead-lifting beasts who deserve those gains. Understanding the methods to the madness and finding what works best for you is a process.  I am a very curious person and this inquiring mind wants to know. Amino acids are part of the process.

After all, knowledge is power. Everyone’s favorite philosopher said it best:

“The beginning is the most important part of the work” – Plato


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