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Build Yourself – One rep at a time

Bicep Blowout

Bicep brachii Let’s keep it ūüíĮ¬†who doesn’t want an impressive set of pythons stretching out their shirt sleeves? Like abdominals, biceps are one of the most recognized, focused on, and trained muscle groups. The universal sign of, “I workout.” Ironic, since they are…

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Gym Etiquette 2.0

Bad Gym Behavior¬† We’ve all been there on the workout floor – focused, feeling the pump, and generally – just feeling like we’re owning it. Then,¬†wham! ¬†That stack slam everyone knows so well. Is this a rant? Maybe, kinda, just a little bit….okay,…

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3 Reasons Why Workout Journals Will Help You

GOALS “Proper Preperation Prevents Poor Performance” –¬†Charlie Batch We’re all in it to win it, right? Strength. Health. Prosperity. Goals. It’s no secret exercise and physical fitness will help get us there faster. TMI Here in the “Information Age,” we are deluged daily…

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5 Way’s to Make Workouts More Effective

Fitness & Exercise 1. Put the phone away We’ve all done it. Checked in, checked updates, checked emails. How can you truly have an effective workout if your on your phone hashtaging beastmode? Focus, Jedi. It can be difficult tuning the world out…

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