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Build Yourself – One rep at a time

Progressive Overload

Raising the Bar ( How Much?) At some point, after getting started lifting, everyone wonders when to up the ante. After all, we aren’t going through the motions for the sake of it – we want results. For those looking to build solid,…

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Flair Out & Stretch Your Lats

I was told once way back when, as a lanky, ectomorph of a gym newbie by a yoked lifter, “If you want to show everyone up, just walk in and do 20 unassisted pull-ups before you workout.” I was on a serious mission…

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Upright Cable Rows

Symmetry is a hallmark of smart training. Known as “Mr. Symmetry” Frank Zane once said, “Understanding symmetry will help you achieve it and maximize your body’s potential.” Mr. Z is correct, however yes, there are times when we get into the cycle of…

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Tips for Dips Once, awhile back, when I was a true gym rookie longing for gains, (we all start somewhere) I asked a regular I’d seen around, for some tips on improving my bench press. He summed up his advice with this, “You…

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