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“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge” – Plato, Greek Philosopher  The Greeks believed a fit body represented a fit mind – so do I.

Knowledge is power.



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Is Social Media Ruining the Fitness Industry?

Is this a rant? Kind of. We’ve all seen those insanely shredded, jacked up and perpetually pumped fitness folk with quotes like,“Your only competition is yourself” or “Harness the Power  – Conquer,”  touting a bottle of BCAA’s. Then there are the overly made up, contoured,…

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Olympic Origins

From the eBook: Inventing Fitness Pt I The Greeks, a Society, and it’s Strength on ↪ Amazon “Songs lord of the lyre, what god, what hero, what man shall we celebrate”  – From Pindars 2nd Olympian Ode Hermes, the god of athletes and gymnasiums was believed to have the…

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Plateau Shmateau

Everyone gets frustrated from time to time, everyone. It is a human emotion. When it comes to exercising and working out – after first plunging feet first with passion and verve – we begin to see the telltale signs of progress. The too-legit-to-quit…

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