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Those Worth Highlighting

2017 in Review 2018 Mind & Body

As new year’s eve approaches, I tend to get nostalgic and look back over the last year – how fast it seems to have flown by, the successes (and failures), triumphs -and everything in between.Then I raise a glass and throw confetti. Looking…

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Staying on Track During the Holidays

Priorities This time every year, I see folks go through the same rigamarole, setting in front of them – like a heaping plate of thanksgiving day carb load – roadblocks and justifications as to why they can’t stay on track with their fitness…

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Grocery Shopping

From the new eBook: All Four Burners Ways to Make Meal Prep and Life in The Kitchen Easier. “The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and leaving with only a loaf are a billion to one” – Erma Bombeck As…

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The Original Dumbbell

From the eBook: Inventing Fitness Pt I The Greeks, A Society, and it’s Strength  available on Gym life Multiple centuries before complicated exercise equipment a student here used a variety of innovative methods to begin building his physique. In the National Archeological Museum of Athens…

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