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“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save and preserves it” – Plato


More Gym History

Greece Ancient Greece and it’s citizens is a fascinating society. Noteworthy, their appreciation of the human form was, and continues to be thought of by many – myself included – unparrelled. Part I of my eBook series – Inventing Fitness,  – goes back…

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Only in Sparta

A Spartan Way of Life SPARTA Sparta was no joke. Below is an exerpt from the eBook series INVENTING FITNESS PART I available on Spartan adjective  Marked by strict self discipline or self denial Simplicity, frugality Boot camp Today, a new recruit arrives to basic…

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What’s Your Workout Music?

Excerpt from the eBook series INVENTING FITNESS available on ANCIENT GYM LIFE Chapter 2 The Gym Around the age of 12 music was introduced. Plato put it as such: “That having reference to the body is gymnastics, but cultivation of the mind, music.” Exercising was often accompanied…

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Eat Like An Ancient Greek

Ancient Diet “Now if you want an onion, just consider what great expense it takes to make it good; You must have cheese and honey, and sesame…to dress it up with; for by itself the onion is bitter and unpleasant to taste.”  Much can…

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