“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”  – Aristotle 

His resume reads most impressive. A student of Platos Academy, Aristotle went on to open his own school, the Lyceum, and eventually wrote 200+ works on a range of topics, including ethics, reasoning, and science – just to name a few.


A habit is described as: …a regular practice, especially one that is hard to give up.”  Here we are at the very beginning of the new year. There are no more parties to attend, or gatherings to cook for. No more trips with overcrowded airports, or shopping and stores full of people. In other words – no more excuses.

To be totally honest, making regular exercise a part of day to day living is no more difficult than any other habit we repeatedly do. But as you’ll see this isn’t a “5 Ways to Make Exercise a Habit” type of read.


Professionally, we strive to develop and keep good habits. Employers and bosses aim to recognize and promote (hopefully) those employees who show good work habits. Habits like, being ontime, taking initiative, and having good productivity. At one point, our wise philosopher Aristotle coached and taught Alexander the Great.

Hashtag conquer.

The well known athletic company Nike uses an advertising slogan that is pure genius. It is action phrase, and makes you want to take action. Like buy a pair of shoes kind of action. After all, Nike was the winged greek godess of victory and speed.


As personal trainers, we try to encourage people to take action and exercise more every day. A habit. Imagine, if every time we heard an excuse, or a reason, as to why a person can’t meet for a session or do an exercise, we used Nike’s catch phrase.

Get Moving

It’s time to start forming the habit.

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