ROUTINES PT I (And getting started)




Taking a leisurely stroll through the aisles of say, a Barnes & Noble, and one can see the shelves and shelves of mags all promoting the latest in workout magic. Every one of them with page after page of chiseled models sporting ripped, perfectly-lit-from-above, gleaming muscles.

30 days, huh?

I would never tell anyone to stop reading all this literature as indeed there is useful info in there. (Those models demonstrate perfect form each and every issue) But at $4.99 and up a copy it can quickly become a costly library collecting the newest tips month after month. Surfing the web is equally as costly albiet in time, on the quest for that one routine that going to transform you and your triceps the most. Besides, we nearly always end up scrolling through our Instagram feeds.




A wise person once said, “Be brilliant at the basics.”  Tried-and-true methods are those that have been consistently shown to provide effect results. That being said, how does one find an effective routine that benefits them?


Understanding your body type is a bonafide start on that path of success.

The 3 main body types being:

  • Ectomorph – lean, low to no bodyfat, the “hardgainer”
  • Mesomorph – naturally well built, muscular, respond well
  • Endomorph – Typically have higher body fat “pear-shaped”

Keep it 💯with yourself. Knowing and accepting your body type will help the process of understanding what you will respond to in the future…twofold. As the quintessential ecto I am all too familiar with the struggle. The struggle is real. It took time, and I mean TIME to build size and not only did it happen – it’s all 100 percent natural, kid. I’ve learned not only what works, but equally important, what works for maintenance as well.



“Before throwing in the towel, use it to wipe the sweat off your face”

No pain, no gain. Weekend warrior status won’t cut it. The only way to find out what is working is to be consistent. Before throwing in the towel in frustration stick to the same routine for a minimum of 4 weeks. Preferably 6. While atrophy can come with a quickness, hypertrophy takes more time. If you feel like your getting bored change your setlist. So, you’ve got your checklist:

  • Goals set
  • Knowledge & acceptance
  • Proper mindset
  • Sharp new workout gear


Part II 

“Okay, now I’m going to have you do 4 sets of……”


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