3 Expert Ways to Make Exercise a Priority

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Ask any personal trainer or that really dedicated gym buddy their opinion after a no call- no show. Then hearing them say later, “I’ve just been so busy.”

Insert ironic selfie. We’re all busy.


Back in the day, Before Cellphones we might have bought the line of being busy. However, with the advent of modern technology and this curious little thing called social media which helps us stay “connected,” we now see right through that little half-truth.

You were busy alright. We saw that pic of the empty shot glass #Happyhourthen check-in at Dennys the next day. You also checked-in at the Apple Store with the caption, “Baller Status” – evidently your not as broke as you say you are.

But I digress.


Why the sarcastic tone you may ask? Let’s start with the clinical approach:



  • a thing that is regarded as more important than another.

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Indeed we make time for those things we find important everyday. We need fellowship, fun time, and most definetly we like our gadgets. That was my conciliatory, more understanding side. I am a gemini after all.

3 Expert Ways to Make Exercise a Priority


1. Stop thinking of exercise as a task

I enjoy working out. So much so, I’ve decided to pursue a career devoted solely to helping show others how to enjoy it as well.

Exercise builds stamina, strength, and confidence. Workout classes and gyms are communities.There is strength in numbers. And unlike a hostile work environment, people in health clubs & gyms actually try and motivate each other.

2. Decide on a schedule (and stick to it)

If you’ve mastered number one, then this shouldn’t be that hard. There are 168 hours in a week. You can make 3 of those exercise time.

3. Think of exercise as an investment in yourself

We make an investment expecting a big return. Or at the very least, a nice, steady return.


Be that blue chip-stock. Learn to enjoy the rewards. No, “reward system” did not make the top 3. You don’t get “I kept my commitment so now I get to eat the cupcake.” That’s known as a cheat meal and there’s a whole article dedicated to them coming soon. Rewards systems, like cupcakes, do not foster genuine satisfaction.

Lean, solid muscle does.

The reward should be the satisfaction you will get from investing time and energy into your health and longevity. The pump you get after pushing yourself really hard.



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