Free Exercise

“I began taking walks when I first went to Washington as a senator in 1935, and since they seemed to keep me fit then, in spite of all the sitting around I had to do, I have kept them up.” – United States President Harry S. Truman.

Known to walk 2 miles a day, President Truman’s walks became infamous. Aides and press were known to complain about keeping up.

He lived to be 88.


Nothing beats a good workout no doubt about that. The pump, sweat, the endorphin’s, it’s all good. The satisfaction of a mission accomplished.


Making time for this in today’s world can be a challenge, no doubt about that either. Mr. Truman had the country’s and world’s business on his mind. The benefits of simple daily activities like walking are irrefutably clear though.

  • Improves mood
  • Helps coordination
  • Improves circulation
  • Helps maintain weight

Clear the Mind

In his memoirs Mr. President goes on to say:

“If you walk 120 paces a minute, your whole body gets a vigorous workout. You swing your arms and take deep breaths as you walk. After you are fifty years old, this is the best exercise you can get”



“Walking is mans best medicine” – Hippocrates Greek physician 

Ancients and moderns alike get the message. In a society becoming more and more sedamentary, walking the most basic of exercises, can make a huge difference in our daily lives. Imagine, instead of that annoying manager in your ears, step outside and put your buds in. Rather than the stale air of the office, get outside and take a deep breath.

Take the first step.

“I need to go for a walk”

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