Last year, in the first weeks of the winter months I decided to start propagating herbs, vegetables, and plants indoors. Part curiosity and part planning, I dubbed it, “The Winter Garden”.

Curiosity because there are some I have never tried before. Planning because I have large plans for an outdoor garden this spring/summer and wanted a small taste during the bitterly cold months.

And cold it was. Most have not only grown but thrived.



I hesitate to use the word easy. Gardening takes dedication, cultivation, and time. That being said, these green onions proved to be relatively low maintenance as well as the most immediately gratifying.

Starting with onions I purchased at my local supermarket, I submerged them in water after cutting down to their bulbs.


Within just a few days there was new growth. Gardening is extremely rewarding. To see something so rapid is nothing short of exciting.

Scallions 2

Just shy of two (2) weeks and significant growth with roots 3 1/2 inches in length appeared.

I eventually had so much growth I contemplated transplanting these batches, three (3) in all, into soil. However, the idea of hydroponics intrigues me so I continued in water.

When they grew to the point of 13 1/2 inches in length I harvested them for the first time to eat.


My Saturday morning scrambled eggs never tasted better.


My Advice

  • Begin in a small, shallow container. After some growth transfer to a larger one. Recycled mason jars work great.
  • Pay close attention to the water. Add/change water every few days.
  • Start small, say with one batch. After some nice growth get more ambitious

As some of my winter garden’s shining stars, I hope to get several harvestings from them before I move the garden outside this spring.

I hope you follow.