Living Well




I recently read this word described as, “….having had enough of something – in a good way.” A more textbook definition is:

a. The fulfillment or gratification of a desire, need, or appetite.

We all desire fulfillment. Suffice it to say, living healthy, wealthy, & wise should be a priority for everyone.

But how?

“My definition of success? The more actively and practicly you are engaged, the more successful you will be” – Sir Richard Branson

Throughout my life I have met more than a few inspiring people. Many of whom, successful in their own ways, have shared their brand of what living well is. I believe the first step on this path is to find a purpose.


 I took the picture above on a particularly nice, spring afternoon. I came across the dock, stood at the end there and had my  “moment”.

Go for a nice walk and have yours.


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