I come from a generation that was taught breakfast the most important meal of the day. In the last few years that theory has come under heavy debate. Multiple studies are arguing skipping breakfast for weight loss, or eating this meal and skipping other meals, is best. My personal theory is that “tis better to eat upon rising than to eat before I laying down”.


I like the shine part of that. I wasn’t always a morning person. It has taken some grooming to get that way. Now that I have, I enjoy it.


 Shine, to me, means to function at my best. That requires energy and energy requires fuel.


I do not approach this from a weight loss or weight management point of view. I look it from a nourishing aspect. I believe we need fuel, energy, and nutrients to power on.

There are many different ways to add that extra boost in the morning along with your java juice.

My Tips

  •  Prep something the night before to make things easy. Hardboiled eggs, mixed fruit, & cereal are some of my go-to’s.
  • Supply yourself with things you enjoy. In moderation.
  • Strive to prepare it yourself. The fresher the better.

Imagine sitting in traffic on your way to work with the fuel gauge on empty.

I’d rather not.






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