1. the center of interest or activity.

Here we are, a little over 2 weeks in to yet another year. Time does fly when your having fun. Getting to do what you enjoy certainly helps.

This is why I spend a great deal of my time doing what I can to help people experience the benefits and enjoyment of living an active lifestyle and eating well.

I realize not everyone has quite the passion for some of the things I do, however I do believe many have the desire to know more.


I consider myself the eternal sponge, absorbing as much as I can. This year I plan to share as much of that as I can.

Exercise Perhaps you are not a gym dweller? You do not need to be. You can walk, run, stretch & jump up and down in the privacy of your own home. In 2016  I’m going to find more creative ways to do just that.

Diet & Nutrition is 80%, and this year I plan to focus on food in a myriad of different ways. “You are what you eat” the old saying goes.

Motivation is important. We all need personal goals that are important to us and this year I plan to share not just my own reasonings but those of people I know, meet, and find inspiring.

This year I plan to help make wellness your “center of interest AND activity”


J Williams









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