Summer isn’t quite over. It will be Wednesday, September 23rd to be exact. While the change in weather is welcome, there are still more than a few weeks to go outside into natures gymnasium.

After recently relocating across country I was pleasantly surprised to find that my new city had not only beautiful expanses of parks but fantastic, built in workout facilities where one can get very, very creative. Coming from a true gym-junkie, sometimes you just need a break from the crowded workout floor. A good walk, a quick jog and a turn at a station like this can be an extremely effective fat burning endurance training workout.

Kansas City, Missouri you’ve gotten it right!



Mill Creek Park in Kansas City, MO. an 11.5 acre expanse just off The Plaza has four (4) of these stations spread throughout clearly designed for the opportunity to do some really great circuit training. The main station above is located on the west side of the park.


I think this fitness trail very well designed and thought out. 



The J.C Nichols fountain at the South end of the park.


A smaller station on the east end of the park off J.C. Nichols Pkwy


 I have designed two (2) workouts in particular for when you really want to spend Saturday or Sunday morning outside and in the elements.

  • The Full J.C.
  • The Half Circuit

In the coming fall weeks I will share these as well as a few other tips to help make an outdoor workout effective as well as enjoyable. KCMO, Mill Creek Park is a fantastic space to do just that.



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