My Review AMINOx


I’ll admit, over the years I’ve tried my fair share of supps’. My wallet can vouch and finding my stack of go-to’s has taken some experimenting. Besides a clean, on-point diet cultivated over many hours in the kitchen, we supplement to give the body an added boost of what it needs.

Branch Chain Amino Acids 





I do train as hard as possible. Whenever and however I can. And not just 1 rep max days. Let’s talk high rep/low weight days. I have found  BSN AminoX to be an excellent supplement to aid in recovery. We know that BCAAs’ are the building blocks of protein. Protein builds muscle. Get those gains.


  • 1 scoop in the mornings and 1 near the end of my workout. Truth-be-told I’ve drank it first thing after getting up, before coffee. It taste that good.


  • No caffeine 👍
  • Absorbs quickly👈
  • Less fatigue (Think Leg Day)☝
  • Affordable👌
  • Dissolves quickly👏


  •  FRUIT PUNCH ranks numero uno and I believe the easiest to drink 💯

Recovery is important. Sleep, nutrition, form/technique all play a part in helping get those results we work so hard for. Finding what works best for you is a process. I am a very curious person.

After all, knowledge is power.

“The beginning is the most important part of the work” – Plato


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