In politics there is Smart power. A term used in reference to the combination of using both military strength and diplomacy.

There is also S.M.A.R.T. business. An acronym that stands for:






The same acronym is used in fitness training. The key to success in anything, is a well thought out plan.

Charlie Batch once said, “Proper preparation prevents poor performance”.


Document it

I still carry a Top Flight, College rule notebook and pen into the gym for every workout. In today’s day and age a bit archaic I know, however I do not use an app to document my workout, and suffice it to say, don’t believe that is what the majority of people at the gym are doing on their phones either. I use my device at the gym for it’s stopwatch. The name of this game is success.

I have always been a very detail oriented person. So I log what muscle group I’m working, the exercise, the amount of reps/sets, the order in which I do them etc. etc. I use this information to not only plan my next workout, but to chart my progress….in two (2), four (4), and six (6) week intervals.  And then I adjust accordingly.

Modus operandi

To me, training smarter also includes paying attention to form and technique. And not just for the obvious. Safety first and learning to check your ego at the door is crucial.

Theodore Roosevelt once said,

“Walk softly and carry a big stick”.

I personally do not feel the need to swing, yank, jerk, or slam heavy weight around in order to let my inner beast, or those around me know I’m “Going big”.  So often I see really, really bad form. Training smarter means understanding that proper form is going to help you make those gains faster. Targeting the muscle with pinpoint precision is key.


To be continued…..


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