Going Up – Taking The Stairs



Start Small and Work Your Way Up

The average office worker/professional spends 70% of their day seated. The average american spends 13 hours a day seated and 8 hours a day sleeping.

Do the math.

Personally, I cannot sit for long periods of time. It drives me nuts.

Americans are becoming an increasingly sedentary population. Juststand.org calls it “Sitting Disease,” A term coined by the scientific community, used when referring to metabolic syndrome and the ill effects of an overly sedentary lifestyle.”

In other words – it’s legit.

So why take a flight of stairs every once in awhile? Your Quads and Glutes will thank you. And yes, you will feel better.


Goal Setting

Okay, so maybe leg day at the gym isn’t your thing. Yet. And maybe the stairwell isn’t the most glamorous of places. 2018 is all about getting back to the basics, and more often than not, the smallest changes can make some of the biggest differences.

Make the change.


Low Impact 

Is it still exercise? Yes, it is. Stair climbing is considered  low impact exercise, or those exercises designed to put little or no harmful stress on the body. And while stair climbing has been declared an organized sport, unless you are trying to set the next Guinness Book of Records record, start small and work your way up.


Start with a flight or two per day.



It’s free. If a personal trainer is not in your budget yet then be your own trainer.


Keep Going

Work up to taking two at a time. This will put even more emphasis on the Quads. Hold on to the railing for balance and focus on keeping the core tight. Yo booty, too. Feel the gluteous maximus engaged.

Before long you’ll have more pep in your step and finish a flight in no time.



Who says exercise isn’t free?

Fact World record stair climb

“The greatest vertical height climbing stairs in 12 hours is 13, 145 m (43, 128 ft 8in) and achieved by Christian Riedl (Germany) climbing Tower 185 in Frankfurt, Germany, on 28 September 2014.

Riedl made 71 ascents with each ascent comprising of 988 steps.”


Like I say, start small and work your way up.

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WTF?!? Diary of an Ectomorph



No, don’t get emo. (That’s so 2004) There’s no need to go “ballistic,” and quitting isn’t an option either.  Anxiety and frustration are a part of life and we learn to deal. How? Well, when it comes to eating for gains turn that frown upside down home-fry and keep reading.

The legend Frank Zane once said, “A lot of guys have better genes, but if you work hard and consistently, you can outperform them.” Back in his day, Mr. Zane was known for his hyper-focus on symmetry. As well, a dedication and structure to his training methods few had – or have shown since. It paid off, he went on to become a three time Mr. Olympia. So, why do we only hear about Arnold?

While not everyone wants to put on Olympian size, most of us do want our clothes to fit, (not hang) have boulder shoulders that make a statement, and possess pythons to flex at the beach while sporting that stringer. Okay maybe not a stringer – but a tank for sure. “Did the zoo call today?” “They want those pythons back.”


It’s your body type bro. You were born with it. For more info click here Being naturally lean and lanky, we ectos’ want to add muscle, as well maintain it. Right? That is affirmative. Everyone gets frustrated from time to time. Everyone. I know – it sucks – when after curling, benching, and lifting all those stacks week after month you just aren’t seeing results.

The hard truth is that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Those Romans’ were determined to say the least. I’m sure at some point they sat on one of those marble slabs goblet of wine in hand wondering if that forum was ever going to get built. It did. And then some. The Parthenon is said to have taken 8-9 years to complete. click here

Your physique need not take that much time. As I wrote in a previous article, “…building muscle requires a combination of variables, all fine-tuned and adapted to each of our metabolisms and body types…” The ectomorph is perhaps the most stubborn. We have high metabolisms naturally, and burn off calories very quickly. The key?

  • Caloric Surplus –consistently consuming more calories than you are burning off

Let me make very clear: You need to be consuming more calories than your body can burn off in order to gain size. Being the determined realist I like to consider myself, I prefer “…structured work that produces visible results quickly as opposed to long-drawn-out processes.”

Starting out I got really frustrated. Then it turned into hell-bent determination. I would wake up early, toss a potato in the microwave and cook a steak for breakfast. Add 4 scrambled eggs and you’ve got a high protein, carb heavy meal that forces your body to do what you want.  A true breakfast of champions. 

  1. Habits


Some days you won’t feel like eating. Trust. But food is fuel and you need a lot of it fellow ecto. In my newest ebook out next month I cover all of this and then some. Like a Clean bulk vs. a Dirty one. And why do we eat white rice directly after a workout? If you’ve ever struggled to put on muscle mass then you know, the struggle IS real. My new eBook is meant to help take some of that struggle out.

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Progressive Overload

Raising the Bar ( How Much?)

At some point, after getting started lifting, everyone wonders when to up the ante. After all, we aren’t going through the motions for the sake of it – we want results. For those looking to build solid, lean muscle learning when to add weight is key for muscle hypertrophy. (Growth)


Sensei Says 

Building muscle requires a combination of variables, all fine-tuned and adapted to each of our metabolisms and body types, based around specific goals. Proper diet and nutrition, intervals, workout splits, and rest days, just to name a few. If I had to pick two of these to live by they would be a. protein intake b. progressive overload. For those who may question my choices, protein for the obvious – our bodies require it, and progressive overload because without providing constant tension, the muscles simply will not grow.

I remember the days when, after spending serious time in the gym and giving it my all, pushing out those last few reps and feeling proud of myself – someone would inevitably walk in and warm up with the weight I had just pushed that last set out with. Ego check.


Check Your Ego At The Door

Forget the weekend warrior who tells you to, “go big or go home.” You, my friend, want actual results. Go bigger, but do it smartly.

Slow and steady wins the race.

NASM defines progressive overload as: “The Principle of Overload is that in order for a tissue (bone, tendon, ligament, etc.) to adapt to a demand, it must be progressively overloaded.) Sounds simple enough, right. Not really. The body has an amazing ability to adapt to what ever it is we are doing to it. Perhaps you have noticed those at the gym who seem to go through the same routines week after week. I make it a habit not to criticize others, especially when it comes to gym time – they are there and that speaks volumes. After all, “A little progress everyday adds up to big results.” At some point though, we want the muscles to grow.

So When Do I Add More Weight?!

Conventional training advice, which I still adhere to, recommends dding ten pounds to your working set once you can comfortably perform three sets. Three sets of ten repetitions with excellent that is. No jerking swinging, or yanking the weight. Now lets expand on that.

As we work out we make tiny tears in the muscle fibers. (micro-tears) Those tears heal themselves and the muscles grow.


Gaining Muscle

The pumped look you get after a workout is one thing.  That’s  blood rushing to the muscle. That will go away. Dem tears tho, their another thing. When they heal they build new ones. And abracadabra, muscle.


Giving the muscle a significant amount of time to adapt and then adding more weight is key for achieving results. Start small. Start with a 4 – 6 week plan. OR, when you can easily perform 3 sets of 10 reps with near perfect form then up the weight by 10lbs.

And remember,

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying breaks everyday”

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“You must do the things you think you cannot do” – Eleanor Roosevelt