Olympic Origins

From the eBook: Inventing Fitness Pt I The Greeks, a Society, and it’s Strength on Amazon “Songs lord of the lyre, what god, what hero, what man shall we celebrate”  – From Pindars 2nd Olympian Ode Hermes, the god of athletes and gymnasiums was believed to have the ability to move freely between the mortal and Read more…

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The Original Dumbbell

From the eBook: Inventing Fitness Pt I The Greeks, A Society, and it’s Strength  available on Gym life Multiple centuries before complicated exercise equipment a student here used a variety of innovative methods to begin building his physique. In the National Archeological Museum of Athens sit a pair of Halteres. These, the Read more…

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Only in Sparta

A Spartan Way of Life SPARTA Sparta was no joke. Below is an exerpt from the eBook series INVENTING FITNESS PART I available on Spartan adjective  Marked by strict self discipline or self denial Simplicity, frugality Boot camp Today, a new recruit arrives to basic training pretty much having no idea what Read more…

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