Plateau Shmateau

Everyone gets frustrated from time to time, everyone. It is a human emotion. When it comes to exercising and working out – after first plunging feet first with passion and verve – we begin to see the telltale signs of progress. The too-legit-to-quit kind of progress. Then it seems to Read more…

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Bicep Blowout

Bicep brachii Let’s keep it 💯 who doesn’t want an impressive set of pythons stretching out their shirt sleeves? Like abdominals, biceps are one of the most recognized, focused on, and trained muscle groups. The universal sign of, “I workout.” Ironic, since they are a relatively small group compared to the Read more…

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Mass Gaining 101

Mass Interest My fellow ectos, this is for you. Putting on mass and size is hard for us, I know. Rest easy you won’t hear snarky comments around here like, “How nice it must be to have a high metabolism.” The struggle is real. The most common question I recieve Read more…

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Industry Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Frequently, I throw in the phrase “tried and true.” Referring simply, to those things that have proved reliable time and time again. It was the dutch computer scientist Edsgar Dijkstra who once said, “Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability.” I am by no means a techie, but I Read more…

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