Cheat Meals BRING IT

To cheat or not to cheat (Meals)  When it comes to something I believe everyone can agree on (high fives’ and knuckle bumps) I’d say it’s a cheat meal. Say, a deep dish pizza, side of onion rings, finished off with a slice of tirimisu? Yeah, baby. We’ re all Read more…

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Training Tips

Gym Etiquette 2.0

Bad Gym Behavior  We’ve all been there on the workout floor – focused, feeling the pump, and generally just feeling like we’re owning it. Then, wham!  That stack slam everyone knows so well. Is this a rant? Maybe, kinda, just a little bit….okay, yes. But unlike most rants, I’m going to try and Read more…

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Tuesday Tip

Mind & Body “Every flower must grow through dirt” One of my all time favorites, this quote is a profound statement about growth and flourishing into something great, despite obstacles. Often times the “dirt” in life can mire us down, seemingly forever clogging our minds and blocking our path. Free Read more…

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